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ZUUUM Power Cycling Computer

ZUUUM Meter Side.jpg
ZUUUM Meter Side.jpg

ZUUUM Power Cycling Computer


The ZUUUM Power Cycling Computer 



You can return it to ZUUUM within thirty days.  Cyclists will undoubtedly use the product when they receive it.  If it is damaged we ask you to help out by agreeing to pay a $20 "Make it Work Again" charge.  

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Full Description

iBike ZUUUM Power Cycling Computer Description

Quick Start Set Up  
Introducing ZUUUM Clinic Mode... a great way to start using the iBike Power Cycling Computer without being overwhelmed with everything it can do for you.  We know you want to get out and get riding!  So we made the Setup menu shrink and use only one of the two main screens.  When you are ready for more you can change the ZUUUM mode to Train, Race or Off.  You get the full iBike computer when you buy... you decide how quickly you want to tap the full power of the iBIke ZUUUM Power Cycling Computer.  

First time users should remember to use your home or laptop computer and iBike Isaac software to set up your iBike ZUUUM for the first time... it is the easiest way to get going!

Completely Enclosed, Fully integrated Wireless Unit 
The ANT+ receiver are inside Newton - increasing reliability & providing superior water resistance.  Have more than one bike? With Newton, extra mounts for your other bikes are less expensive— saving as much as 65% compared to prior mounts.

Bike-to-Bike Portability 
Switching from bike to bike has never been easier or more affordable.
Conveniently place a 2nd mount and sensors on your additional bike and all you need to do is slide your iBike NEWTON onto the mount when you’re ready to ride.  Your iBike NEWTON will store up to 4 profiles for 4 separate bikes! 

Larger, Easy to Read Screen 
iBike ZUUUM’s easy "one-touch" screen change allows you to view the data you want when you want it providing 3 lines of on-screen data.  



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