Welcome to ZUUUM.  We offer information, skills development and great days cycling at our ZUUUM Club Cycling Clinics and Meets.

Designed for cycling enthusiasts that want more, ZUUUM brings tips and techniques from great coaches so you have more fun in the sport you love.

And when you're ready to ride in a ZUUUM Meet, you'll experience cycling like you never have before.

ZUUUM Airfoil Power Meter


An Airfoil on My Handlebar

  • Senses the wind
  • Collects speed and cadence
  • Uses SmartPhone processing power

Tells Me

  • My power and work effort
  • Zones and everything else
  • Position during a race

Shows Me

  • Points in brand experience programs
  • Offers based on sticking with my plans
  • Bar codes for redemption at ZUUUM event pavilions


ZUUUM for the Capitol Region

  • Partner MediaDC, unit of AEG
  • 3 year partnership
  • Connecting Hill staffers with K Street firms

ZUUUM Brand Partners Targeting Capitol Hill Affluents

  • Key categories
  • Two groups, "The FLAG Club" and "The SPIRIT Club"
  • Red carpet / blue carpet

DC - Phila- Chicago - LA - SFO for '14

  • Deep brand-supported experiences
  • Event and ongoing social / digital engagement  
  • Membership and audience exposure

Key Questions

  1. Which brands will want to support the passions of affluent cyclists?
  2. What can ZUUUM's multi-level, color-coded brackets offer to companies with color-graded product lines (e.g. Johnnie Walker) or multiple brands?

      V Revolution Inc.