Welcome to ZUUUM.  We offer information, skills development and great days cycling at our ZUUUM Club Cycling Clinics and Meets.

Designed for cycling enthusiasts that want more, ZUUUM brings tips and techniques from great coaches so you have more fun in the sport you love.

And when you're ready to ride in a ZUUUM Meet, you'll experience cycling like you never have before.

The New Players of the Capitol Hill Cycling Scene

Some of the most important people to get to know can be found on two wheels.   

ZUUUM is a new cycling league for amateur riders who want to ride with riders of the same level in friendly competition.  ZUUUM stages level-playing-field, code-of-conduct driven events for people that love cycling.   

ZUUUM is also a new club format to bring riders together for fun and friendship.  Region by region ZUUUM will give riders new opportunities to socialize, make connections, and get more from cycling then ever before.   

We see great things are possible in DC.  Working together, MediaDC and ZUUUM can:

  • Produce and publicize the hottest riding format in Capitol Hill cycling
  • Create the "Place To Be" for the cycling minded to meet, ride, race and establish new relationships, and
  • Drive unique engagement opportunities at MediaDC properties with news and accounts of ZUUUM DC cycling happenings and race results


  • Friendly competitive cycling, just like Capitol Hill softball but on bikes
  • A full season of cycling interaction delivering fun and excitement
  • A social platform offering people opportunities to make friends, connect and build relationships 
  • A buzz, an attention-getting conversation and an important answer to "what's new in cycling?" for influentials on two wheels

ZUUUM proposes to work closely with MediaDC beginning July 2013 to create "ZUUUM DC 2014, Presented by MediaDC".  MediaDC will enjoy unique privileges from site and hospitality designation to promotion of the MediaDC media properties.  As the ZUUUM DC Presenting Partner the season of ZUUUM Cycling League race results, race coverage and depictions, and rider standings will be made available via MediaDC properties.


Making Capitol Cycling More Exciting


  • ZUUUM fosters connections and camaraderie.  ZUUUM will work to get people of like minds together for spirited competition and engaging conversation.


  • ZUUUM believes in power.  ZUUUM takes full advantage of low cost power meters to organize riders into groups of similar capabilities.  This makes ZUUUM fun for riders of all riding levels.

    Rating and Ranking

    • ZUUUM knows riders want to do more in cycling without having to train 10-plus hours per week.  Rating and ranking places riders into brackets for level-playing-field fun. 

    Season Long Race League Format

    • ZUUUM cycling is a season-long series of get togethers, clinics, training, rides and supervised races.  It is riding fun and multiple social opportunities to make connections.

    January and February Meetups

    • ZUUUM DC will kickoff with meetings held in great DC area venues providing the setting for camaraderie and socialization.  These meetups will detail the ZUUUM season ahead, how power helps cyclists enjoy the sport more, and how to prepare awaiting spring's warmer weather.
    • Two to four meetups in January and February. 

    March and April Warmups

    • ZUUUM DC will start the outdoor action with clinics full of training tips, ride and race instruction and skills riding sessions showing the right etiquette, technique and approach to ride and race correctly for safety and for a shot at the podium.
    • Two to four warmups in March and April. 

    May through August League

    • The 2014 ZUUUM DC league will kick off in May and run through August.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each bracket will have their picture taken on the podium, earn points for season standing, and collect ZUUUM reward dollars for cycling products and services usable at local bike shop partners. 
    • Standings and accounts of ZUUUM DC action can appear in MediaDC media. 
    • Four to ten rides and races from May to August in 2014 depending on site and resource availability. 

    September ZUUUM DC League Championships

    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will be anointed ZUUUM DC 2014 Season Gold, Silver and Bronze champions.  "Power Performer" awards will be provided to the cyclists delivering the best three finishes during the season.  
    • Standings and accounts of ZUUUM DC action can appear in MediaDC media.   

    October ZUUUM National Championships Philadelphia

    • The six best ZUUUM DC cyclists from each bracket will be invited to the 2nd Annual ZUUUM National Championships in Philadelphia in October.  
    • For Metro DC viewers, MediaDC will be the presenting media partner for remote race viewing via browser, tablet and smartphone software. 

    Year-long Pavilion Get Togethers and "Like Minds" Conversations

    • ZUUUM and MediaDC advertisers and brand partners (e.g. Johnie Walker) will offer ZUUUM members hosted get togethers for easy and attractive socialization.  These sessions will have a combination of free time and special speakers commenting on "Like Minds" topics relevant narrative on current events. 
    • These opportunities will occur throughout the year mixed between purely social settings (i.e. bars and restaurants) and next-to-the-action settings (i.e. tents, roped-off areas and pavilions). 
    • One to two per month depending on scheduling and resources.  
    • Announcement of get together date, time and place as well as conversation "hosts" can appear in MediaDC media. 


    Fitting Club Cycling to the Capitol Region

    Given the special nature of conducting events in the Capitol region, ZUUUM proposes ZUUUM DC be formed with two clubs.  The FLAG Club and the SPIRIT Club. 

    The FLAG Club  - ZUUUM DC'ers that come to ZUUUM from elected government offices and from select registered lobbyist offices and government contractors will be members of the ZUUUM DC FLAG club.  These members will ride and race with all other ZUUUMers but be hosted in FLAG red carpet areas, venues, pavilions and meeting rooms.  They will always be identified and identifiable with the US flag as they participate in ZUUUM events.  Two reasons for this are: 

    1. Elected officials may need to be billed for certain items.  FLAG Club members will be hosted in pavilions that are prepared to deal with the requirements involving elected officials. 
    2. Part of ZUUUM is to support conversations between "Like Minds".  ZUUUM anticipates that conversations elected government officials will be interested in will be much more focused on politics than the conversations of interest to the general public.  ZUUUM wants to get its programming 'on target' for all ZUUUMers.  We believe this split achieves an important distinction and welcome MediaDC's take on this approach. 

     The SPIRIT Club  - ZUUUM DC'ers of all other stripes will be hosted in SPIRIT blue carpet areas, venues, pavilions and meeting rooms.  SPIRIT perks, activities and special values will be of the same level as FLAG members enjoy.  SPIRIT venues will be equipped to serve the general public providing an array of items from sponsor-provided complimentary promotional items, food and drink to discounted and regularly priced merchandise.  

    Keeping it Simple

    ZUUUM will manage the ZUUUM DC league "soup-to-nuts".  ZUUUM will coordinate all logistics, stage all events, handle all customer service, interface with parks and recreation departments, provide all event insurance and arrange all needed support from local public safety authorities.

    MediaDC will use its position as a leading Capitol media to promote the advantages ZUUUM DC brings to the Capitol cycling scene.  MediaDC will place special emphasis on recruiting partners that can derive deep value supporting ZUUUM DC's FLAG and SPIRIT club members.  These partners, to be called ENVISION partners, will contribute financial support to provide the resources to start and make ZUUUM DC a fixture in the Capitol region over a three-year span.  


    Building a Great Partnership

      ZUUUM and MediaDC should begin a partnership starting with a three-year plan to make ZUUUM DC club cycling into a 'must do' activity for influentials that ride for many years ahead.  

    • The FLAG Club will become known as a place to be for influentials to connect and talk cycling and build new relationships.
    • The SPIRIT Club will become the place for professionals, business people, college goers and everyone else.

    Together ZUUUM and MediaDC will be at the center of a new, 'must do' action for the Capitol two-wheel set and own a very important part of the Capitol social scene.


    ZUUUM DC Membership and Membership System

    Driven by a rich member management system, ZUUUM will be able to offer the right content to the right members.  The resulting demographic insights will be valuable to MediaDC and ENVISION partners.  

    Based on a closed loop, "how are we doing" data driven approach, ZUUUM and MediaDC can look at the data to see what's working and see sweet spots.  Using data, ZUUUM and MediaDC can quickly iterate the ZUUUM DC experience to provide increasing "must do it" value from month one onward.   


    ZUUUM Team for MediaDC
    and the Capitol Region

    Based in Philadelphia, ZUUUM is ready to fully support the ZUUUM DC launch for the Capitol Region.  

    • Steve Schiff, ZUUUM Events PartnerSteve built the successful Philadelphia Triathlon among other exciting participant events.  Steve knows event production, promotion and knows how to execute & service partners starting with MediaDC through ENVISION partners all the way to DC municipality functions.

    • Ryne Francis, ZUUUM Field Operations Manager - Ryne's enthusiasm and dedication make events happen as planned and flex to the unplanned.  Ryne, an accomplished collegiate swimmer from years on the Virgina Tech swim team, understands the competitor's mindset.  Leading the athlete-experience on-the-ground role, Ryne is the go-to person for member servicing in the field, mid-flight changes and last-minute requests.

    • Fernando Migliassi, ZUUUM Cycling Content Partner - Fernando is a competitive cyclist and knows what excites cycling enthusiasts.  Fernando knows what makes some cycling events great and some not so.  Cycling content means getting the cyclist experience perfect and perfectly (i.e. simply) delivered.  From the right training and racing 'need-to-knows' to getting time with high profile former pros, top coaches and industry VIPs, ZUUUM's content driven by Fernando make ZUUUM events a 'must attend'.
    • Hunter Allen, ZUUUM Cycling Science Partner - Hunter is among the elite coaches that have spent the last 10-plus years measuring cyclist output using power meters.  An accomplished author and globally sought lecturer on power in cycling, Hunter and his Peaks Coaching Group are behind the science behind ZUUUM's unique rating and ranking system.
    • Dana Hoffer, ZUUUM General Partner - Dana offers years of creative business development experience along with financial development for the iconic Philadelphia International Cycling Championships.  Dana will work with MediaDC to structure the ZUUUM - MediaDC relationship and work carefully to craft the ENVISION partnerships and other sponsorships.
    • Andrea Migliassi, ZUUUM Systems and Analytics - Andrea brings insights into what's happening and what's working for ZUUUM members.  Andrea's years of operating experience in major corporations brings reliable processes and reporting to ZUUUM and MediaDC.   The world is now a data world and Andrea will drive data for ZUUUM and MediaDC. 


    Commercials and Next Steps

    Step 1 - June / July 2013

    Letter of Intent and Presenting Partner Commitment Fee

    • Letter of Intent
    • Commitment Fee of $32,500, refundable to MediaDC from ENVISION partner financial support
      - With this fee ZUUUM can represent that a deal is 'in place' allowing critical business development to start while a full Relationship Agreement is developed between MediaDC and ZUUUM 
    • Initial Draft of Relationship Agreement

     Step 2 - July / October 2013

    Recruiting ENVISION Sponsors

    • Identification of 4 to 8 $_00,000 ENVISION Sponsors
    • Initial Conversations and Fact Finding
    • Positional Permitting to Secure ZUUUM Event Locations for 2014
    • Second Draft of Relationship Agreement

    Step 3 - October / December 2013  

    Onboarding ENVISION Sponsors, Closing Relationship Agreement

    • ZUUUM and MediaDC Execute Relationship Agreement
    • ENVISION Sponsors Commit to Funding
    • ENVISION Sponsors "On Boarded" 



    Dana Hoffer 
    (610) 357-3758


    Additional Details

     ZUUUM Content

    ZUUUM is great recreational fun on two wheels.  It is riding better.  It is riding to compete, contend and have a great day cycling.  In addition to informative and helpful ZUUUM Rider Ratings and Ranking reports, ZUUUM will bring former pros, top coaches and cycling insiders to the DC area to deepen the ZUUUM member experience.  

     ZUUUM Races and Rides

    ZUUUM DC will be great in-town one-mile circuit recreational racing.  The upper brackets will race 50 minutes on the circuit.  Middle and entry brackets will race 35 and 20 minutes respectively.  ZUUUM DC can also include longer road course rides in the Capitol region of 15 to 75 miles, depending on the bracket.  

    As and when it makes sense, ZUUUM DC can offer a weekend of beautiful 'challenge' riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains with former pros and top coaches during a 'bye' weekend in the summer racing schedule.  

    Please contact us to discuss how ZUUUM DC can be further tailored to MediaDC. 

    Thank you. 







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