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iBike Newton Power Cycling Computer

 iBike is ZUUUM's first power meter sponsor and we are proud to offer ZUUUM version for rental and use to ZUUUM members and power clinic attendees.  No other product is simpler, more accurate and more affordable than the iBike Newton (ZUUUM rental model shown here). 

Here is what we truly like about the iBike Newton Power Cycling Computer.

  • It just works.  No wheel, crank, or pedal swaps.  No ANT+ head unit to buy.  It is one device on your handlebars that combines with a speed / cadence sensor (included) to give you your power using next generation, space program accelerometer technology.  Pop the device on the handlebars, snap tie the speed/cadence sensor and you're on the road with power.
  • It comes with free power analysis software.  For Mac or PC, the Isaac program shows you what you did on the ride.  For people that want to do analysis... here is a great starting point. 
  • It doesn't cost a lot of money and it tells us what we need.  And that is something called Normalized Power.  Out of the box the iBike Newton for ZUUUM members is set to show you the power your body is putting out from the beginning to the middle to the end of the ride... max power and average power don't cut it.  You want normalized power.  And the ZUUUM firmware for the iBike Newton shows it to you so you know how you are doing.
  • It's upgradeable.  GPS?  Yes, the iBike Newton can be upgraded to work with your smartphone to map your power on Google Earth.  Pedaling and riding analysis?  Yes, the iBike Newton can, with the iBike PowerStroke upgrade, show you how smooth you are (or are not) pedaling and whether you are wasting energy moving too much on your bike.  And there is more (isn't there always!).
  • It costs less than $500.  Try it out on a $40 monthly rental or buy one for just $499.  And yes, you can get a full refund if you don't love it.


The iBike Newton in ZUUUM Orange.

The iBike Newton in ZUUUM Orange.


For some useful instructions on using the iBike power cycling computer click here.

ZUUUM iBike computers have an additional setup option beyond the iBike Newton. This information is found only here at the ZUUUM web site.

For detailed instructions on ZUUUM iBike Features click here.



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