Welcome to ZUUUM.  We offer information, skills development and great days cycling at our ZUUUM Club Cycling Clinics and Meets.

Designed for cycling enthusiasts that want more, ZUUUM brings tips and techniques from great coaches so you have more fun in the sport you love.

And when you're ready to ride in a ZUUUM Meet, you'll experience cycling like you never have before.

Do You Want More from Cycling?

All of us want more from cycling.  ZUUUM offers you a place to increase your cycling knowledge and skills.  As cyclists we strive to be better.  ZUUUM offers you a place to ride your best with other riders exactly at your level.

We feel its important to know more.  We know its exciting to do more.  ZUUUM Club Cycling is simply about getting more from cycling. 

Your ZUUUM experience starts with information and skills development from top coaches at our ZUUUM Clinics.  You will learn how to handle your bike, how to ride faster safely and you will pick up "insider" knowledge from our coaches that will make you better.

ZUUUM Clinics get you ready to experience a higher level of cycling at our ZUUUM Meets.  ZUUUM Meets are packed with events designed to let you have more fun no matter what level you are.  If you're cycling at an intermediate level ZUUUM Meets will have a group for you.  If you are looking to test your power and skills at an expert level ZUUUM's rating system will put you in a bracket for you to do your best among similar cyclists.  With the ZUUUM ranking system grouping cyclists to level the playing field you can have a great day at a ZUUUM Meet.  

ZUUUM Club Meets offer men and women safe, athletic riding formats geared to the level of fun and fitness right for you.  From our instructional clinics to our club meets, ZUUUM is designed to you more great days on two wheels.


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