Welcome to ZUUUM.  We offer information, skills development and great days cycling at our ZUUUM Club Cycling Clinics and Meets.

Designed for cycling enthusiasts that want more, ZUUUM brings tips and techniques from great coaches so you have more fun in the sport you love.

And when you're ready to ride in a ZUUUM Meet, you'll experience cycling like you never have before.

Norman AlviS and dana hoffer


Norman is a former pro cyclist.  He rode with Motorola, 7-11 and Saturn.  He won the iconic US Pro Championship  in Philadelphia.  If you are reading this then you and Norman have something in common...  you love cycling.  Norman spent years learning what to do and how to do it.  For the fun of it.  For the thrill of it.  Because he loved it.  

Norman wants ZUUUM to give cyclists a real platform to be better.  And that means learning the strategies from years in the saddle without giving up the day job or the family.  It also means knowing your power using today's power meters to maximize your insights into how and what you are doing.  

Strategies.  Power.  Success.  That is what Norman and ZUUUM offer you.

Dana has played competitive baseball for 20 years.  Not from 5 to 25 but from 30 to 50.  He's competitive in the office and on the field.  Six years ago he picked up a carbon fiber bike and started training.  "This is great, I've never felt better, I want to compete...".  But cycling doesn't have a place for cyclists like Dana to go ride and compete.  Cat 5 on up requires too much time.  Masters races are filled with veterans like Norman, cyclists with decades of experience that can turn a race into a "maybe he won't show up next time" ride.  Like Dana's baseball league, Dana decided to create a platform for cyclists to socialize, develop, learn, be rated and ranked for their benefit and compete if they want that.

Norman and Dana connected two years ago around a power meter conversation.   In late 2015 ZUUUM will have invite only events bringing hard learned skills, strategy, power training and level-playing field competitions to cycling.   Then in 2016 ZUUUM will ramp it up in Colorado and eastern Pennsylvania.  It is time to get more and have more fun cycling.  Bring your game... ZUUUM will make you better.


Hunter allen and tim cusick


Former pro Hunter Allen has written books on training with power.  Few know more about power from doing it, studying it, coaching it and building world class software to learn from it.  Tim helped Hunter turn power training into the Peaks Coaching Group business.  Together Hunter, Tim, Norman and Dana have developed ZUUUM's rating and ranking system to give riders insights into their riding, who they should ride with and, if they want to, what bracket they should go into to test their capabilities in a ZUUUM Club Cycling Meet.

Hunter and Tim are responsible for the incredibly far reaching WKO 4 power workout optimizing software that produces some of the best cycling performances any of us could ever have or ever watch.  The knowledge that powers WKO 4 underpins the ZUUUM Club Cycling rating and ranking system.

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